Wil this placement see people coming?

I am looking at installing a Pro 2 video doorbell in a new home. However the bell is located to the left of the door on a perpendicular wall and that is the same location of the stairs people will come up. Am I wasting my time or will the Ring work for me and will I be able to see people coming?

I have attached a picture to show the layout.


If the camera is facing away from what appears to be your driveway then the doorbell won’t see them until they are in its field of view which appears to be this side of the steps. So likely it will see them when they are at the door or at best a few steps away from it.

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Hi @rsirota. As an alternate idea, you can have an electrician run some wire extensions along the crevasse of the stones and you can mount it so it is parallel to your driveway. If this is done correctly, it will function the way it is intended and look great!