How can l set up my spotlight cam to home wifi? I don’t have cable tv or a home computer. I don’t like cable tv & l don’t want or have space for a home computer. I have a stylo android phone & a samsung galaxy Tab A. My carrier is verizon. I’ve been looking for home wifi direct for low income people. My verizon bill is $130 monthly & that’s incredibly high for me. I can’t afford another add on. l’m struggling to understand technology . I don’t know what l need or what to change to use the cameras. Ring walked me threw creating a mobil hotspot but that’s not going to work. (As a side note, lts disapointing that getting home wifi direct is so difficult. Why isn’t 130 enough? Do you really have to throw more at this to make it happen)? Thank you

Sorry to hear about this experience @Bright! As all of our devices are wifi enabled and require wifi to communicate, a network connection is necessary for setup and operation. If you do not have a lot of devices in the home, no need to look into any overpriced “high speed” options. A standard Internet plan and router that provides wifi speeds over 2mbps upload/ download at your desired Camera mounting location on the home, will be enough.

We also have the Stick Up Cam elite which operates over ethernet connection, rather than wifi. This means you can get a basic Internet package, and connect directly to the router for direct resources, rather than wifi. This is best if you think distance or interference might be a variable in the home. The Community is here to help if you have any further questions! :slight_smile: