So far I am very disappointed with the Ring doorbell. I have a strong wifi signal when I log into ring.com, yet on the app or anytime I go to see live view I am told it has a poor connection. This thing is useless, I wish I never bought it.

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Hey @tonyi8919. I’m sorry to that you have been dealing with this as this is not at all the experience we want for our neighbors. Could you please attach a screenshot of the error message you are receiving on the app? If it is saying that your phone’s connection is poor, you may need to turn off the wifi on your phone and use your mobile data, or vice versa is you are not connected to the wifi on your phone.

In the case that it is saying your device has a poor connection, I recommend checking the RSSI for your device in the Device Health and reviewing our Community post here on what your RSSI value means!