Wifi strength

We bought the ring alarm to protect our detached garage. The only thing we can get to work there is the motion sensor and that keeps going offline. I suspect it’s a weak wifi signal. Would wifi extenders help, and would it be best to purchase them from our internet provider (xfinity) or from eeros?

Yes, using something to get the internet out closer to your devices would help. A WiFi extender might help, depending on the distance, or running an ethernet cable out to the garage and plugging a WiFi access point into it.

The garage is about 150 feet from the house. Would you recommend choosing the extenders from xfinity or eeros?

That far I would recommend hard wiring from the house to the garage via an ethernet cable. Then in the garage add a WiFi access point. Whatever brand you like.

Hi @York408. Is your Base Station located in the detached garage or is it in your home? I want to clarify that only the Base Station is connected to wifi, while your Ring Alarm components such as the Keypad, Contact Sensor, and Motion Detector all communicate with the Base Station via Z-Wave. A wifi extender will not help in this scenario, as the Motion Detector does not utilize wifi to connect to the Base Station.

While Z-Wave has a longer effective range than most wifi networks, the Ring Alarm system is not meant to be used across multiple detached buildings. At a distance of 150 feet, it is unlikely that your Ring Alarm Sensors will be able to connect to and maintain a reliable connection to the Base Station if it’s in the home.

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