WiFi stick up Cam no live feed.

I just purchased two cams. Installation was easy but I can’t get the live feed to work. I get notifications for movement and I can view what it recorded but I still can’t get it on live feed. I see other people are having the same problem I wonder if it’s a software issue. Maybe something ring can send out an update to fix this problem. I really want to like my ring cameras but this is making it very hard for me to like I’m getting ready to send them back. Any suggestions?

Hey @Robwar333. What is your RSSI for your camera? You can learn more about RSSI and what it means here in our Community Post, as sometimes this could be the reason for your Live View not loading.

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My RSSI is -39 but I still have to go and reboot the camera sometimes to get the live feed to connect. Its frustrating because if I am out of town I have to wait until I get back. Kind of defeats the purpose for getting it. :frowning:

My other three cameras continue to work fine.


You are not alone. Yes it is software. Ring is refusing to acknowledge the problem. My recommendation is send it back before you cant. These stick up cameras suck. Ring doorbell pro has it right though