WIFI Signal Strength in Apps

Hello, Hope soneone can answer my question as I am not 100% sure what is going on. I recently switch my internet router to a mesh eero system with mediacom. I have two ring wired doorbells gen 2. The router sits on a table in appx the same distance to both doors that the rings are installed.

The situation is one of my rings keeps showing low wifi signal in both the ring app and the eero app. Sometimes it is so low it shows zero bars colored in. My other ring is always in the green with the signal strength.

The ring i am having the singnal strenth shows video and i am still getting alerts with no delays and the video looks good too.

I have done all the trouble shooting that is suggested. I usually see this when i am away from home and not on a wifi connection on my cell phone. I also have done the reboot of this ring on my cell phone where i work not on wifi.

Could the issue just be that i am not on a wifi network at work so what i am seeing is not accurate and in fact my ring does have a goo signal? I am just really frustrated as i dont know why it is showing a bad wifi signal in the apps but seems to be working correctly.

Do i need to worry? Is there anything i can do to make it show a good connection?

Please help.

Hi @Belletw77. Since you are not actually experiencing any performance issues with your Ring Doorbell, there’s likely nothing to worry about. You can check the signal strength for this Doorbell in the Ring app by looking at the RSSI number on the Device Health page. This displays as a number, with larger numbers indicating a weaker signal than lower numbers. Can you share a screenshot of where you’re seeing the signal strength shown in bars? This will give me a better idea of which are in the RIng app you’re looking at.

Hello, thank you for ypur response. So i have the eero app for my eero router. Which shows the wifi strength of all my connected devices. I do see the strength number in the Ring app, my ring seems to struggle to stay below 60. Does the temperature outside affect the wifi? I have been monitoring it now that i am home and the wifi strength seems to go up and down. I have my router in the open so no behind anything. And it isnt near anything listed as possible interference. It is good to know that since it seems to be working correctly despite the low wifi strength that maybe there isnt anything to worry about. It is just frustrating that i have followed all the instructions on getting a good wifi strength but it still is in the mid to high 60s in the strength in the ring app.

I notice when i reboot the ring doorbell the signal stregth will get better. Is it bad on the ring to keep rebooting it? Does direct sun light effect the wifi? Just hoping it isnt an issue with the unit itself as i have not had it too long.

Hi @Belletw77. Im happy to chime in. It does not negatively affect your Ring device to reboot it every once in a while, and direct sunlight could effect performance on your Ring device if it reaches a certain temperature. This Help Center page will give you more information on Ring devices and extreme temperatures.