Wifi signal and wifi speed

Hello, I just have a question that im pretty unsure about. I have security cameras set up at my place and they do all work, however my back camera connects and disconnects. I was just wondering, what’s more important wifi signal or the wifi speed.

When I’m on my phone in the exact same sport, I get only 1 bar but my wifi speed is constantly at least 80 mbps. So the camera would be getting enough speed but is the issue the signal? because the signal is always only 1 bar since it’s quite far from the router.

Hope someone can help.


Hi @Curtis3. Having poor signal strength, also known as RSSI, on your Camera will definitely cause it to fall offline randomly. I would recommend improving the signal strength to see if it helps it stop disconnecting and reconnecting. This Help Center article will provide you with steps on how to check your Cameras RSSI and what to try to improve it. I hope this helps.

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