Wifi range issue driving me mad!

Can anyone help with a simple solution. So I use 3 Ring Doorbells. One, (4th Gen) is at the end of the driveway on the electric gates, (approx 50-60 ft from the router). Generally it gets an OK signal but if a car is parked in the way or it’s particularly foggy, there is not sufficient signal. The router cannot be moved nearer and I have tried wifi extenders in the window to no affect. There is a wifi lamp post another 10 foot further away which works perfectly but the Ring device seems to be weaker. There is no electrical power, (other than the electric gates) down the drive between the router and the video bell. Is there a way of adding an additional aerial receiver on the doorbell, or running a data cable, (cat 6a?) along the drive to the router or, last resort, can anyone recommend a high power wifi extender that might throw that distance from inside the window of the house?
Many thanks for any advice…

Hi @user29631. You cannot add any additional hardware parts to your Doorbell 4, which must connect via wifi. I would look into a mesh network system, as they have been shown to improve wifi signal range. We also have this Help Center article here with information on making wifi work for you. I hope this helps.