WiFi not connecting ring doorbell

So my doorbell says it’s offline. It’s pretty new, was working fine for a couple of weeks and now it just won’t connect. It’s not too far from the router, I reset the router and everything is connected properly. What could it be?? The doorbell is hardwired so battery can’t be the issue… I’m at a loss and frustrated because we just got it and it’s already not working. Our other sensors and ring alarm is connected though UGH HELP! Ideas?

Sorry to hear about this @Melba1016 ! It sounds like you’ve taken all the right steps thus far, excellent job checking the network and other devices around the home. The best next step would be to bring the Doorbell inside the home and charge it to ensure the battery is holding a charge. If the Doorbell does not automatically reconnect, try performing a new setup in the app to reconnect. Please let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Do you have an active plan through ring.com? When my free trial expired mine didn’t work either. Solution was to signup for an ongoing plan. Hope this helps.