WiFi near side of house

I have both the ring doorbell and the spotlight security cam. I installed the security cam on the side of my house and it could not connect to WiFi. I tested the WiFi and it is weak immediately next to the house. If I move the test out just a few inches it has a very strong connection. I believe the siding is blocking the WiFi immediately next To the house.

I bought the ring chime WiFi extender and have it on the opposite of of the wall inside and that helped somewhat so I can connect, but the WiFi is still hit or miss.

Any suggestions on how to improve poor WiFi immediately next to the siding would be appreciated.

Siding, stucco, and brick are some of the toughest exterior walls for signal to travel through. While the Chime Pro should help improve your signal strength, this may not be fully accessible due to the siding. I recommend avoiding any further interferences on the inside of that side exterior wall. Any mirrors, appliances, or large furniture will only dampen the signal further. Also, If possible, try mounting the Cam in a different location where the signal is stronger. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I recommend that you go with a mesh Wifi system such as Google WiFi. It’s $250 for 3 nodes, but they will pretty much cover a normal sized home with great wifi. I added a fourth node to my Google WiFi, and mounted a Ring camera on a light pole 150 feet away and through a brick wall. It has good signal strength (RSSI -58), and I haven’t had any issues.

A side benefit of the Google wifi (and I assume other mesh networks) is that your other devices will have great connections to the internet anywhere in your house.


I have 2 doorbell3 and chimes. In one house (wood) the battery lasts for weeks with motion detetion turnerd off. On the stucco house with metal door set same way battery doesn’t last a week (usually 4 days). Unless there is something wrong with the doorbell I assume that it is due to the stucco (wire mesh) walls and metal door. Wifi strength is low in that site.