WiFi Jamming

We are passionate about our neighbor’s security and are always working in pursuit of our mission of helping make neighborhoods safer. As many of our devices are wifi-enabled, they do require a wifi signal to operate. If you’re concerned about your wifi signal, we recommend checking out our devices with Power Over Ethernet (POE) capabilities.

Please keep in mind, the Ring Community is a public neighbor to neighbor forum. We care greatly about our neighbors’ security and privacy, and advise neighbors to not post personal information, such as email addresses, in the Community. Please check out our Community Guidelines at your earliest convenience. These guidelines are to ensure our Community is great for all neighbors. For any further media related requests, you may reach out to our team by email at media@ring.com. Thank you!

If you are if fact, passionate about your neighbors security, and not your bottom line or the shareholders happiness as I suspect is the true vision and focus of The Ring management team, then why haven’t you made customers aware of this weakness? And why do you sell these systems with such an obvious flaw that not only has the potential to disarm your security and loses your ability to not only protect your property but also the safety of yourself and loved ones? Why do you promote a false narrative of safety that’s so easily compromised with no indication to the consumer of how useless it can be rendered? And after I’ve put so much money into all the products in my house , your answer is come on over and buy more products and equipment
that we swear resolves the issue This company knows exist but aren’t doing anything about. The so shady. And you sound heartless and certainly deflecting any accountability to your customers.

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One thing ring needs to implement is on board storage for when Wifi is down.