Wifi Jamming Flood light... This is a Nightmare

I’ve done everything possible to get the camera work. But RING doesnt have any way to block wifi jammers from preventing the cameras from work. My neighbor has been jamming the wifi signal to my garage camera. I’ve changed the camera, got the chime, added a wifi extender, changed my modem, hidden my network, called police, called FCC, XFINITY INTERNET, Ring customer service and NO ONE FRICKING CARES. They’ve been on my property but it doesnt show it on camera. When i leave 2 or 5 mins later my camera will go offline. All the other cameras is working but they’re able to target 1 camera. They’ve developed something and has been testing it. Everytime the camera doesnt want to turn on or go offline it always involves them. I turn on my camera departing and arriving home. As soon as they see me leaving or coming home it states streaming error or the camera would freeze. When it goes offline i have to turn around to head back home just to see if they’re doing anything my property.

I’ve seen paper tissue on my hedges which i cleaned up because i saw it on the video. I went to pick up my kids came back there was a another huge paper towel out of view of the camera but no video or clip to show they were there. It sends the message i can do this and you cant do anything about it. Listen… the day i find anyone of them on my property im going to jail. These Camera works up until it can be disarmed because Ring or my internet provider doesnt have anything in place to pervent it. I’ve been on the phone with Xfinity, Ring and Verizon countless hours and no solution. Because when the internet is blocked i gotta use my cellphone data. This is RIDICULOUS that no one is investigating things of this nature. This is a HUGE Blindspot especially paying so much for these camera. NOTHING TO PREVENT A SIGNAL FROM DISARMING YOUR CAMERA. I dont need no apologies i Need a SOLUTION TO FIX THE ISSUE. Just because Wifi jammers are illegal doesnt mean someone cant still get access to it… Your cameras are not safe. HELL, NO CAMERAS ARE SAFE IF THEY’RE ABLE TO DO THIS…

In a case like this have you looked into either a hardwired camera system like something from Reolink, or if that’s not logistically possible, maybe a camera that can record to an SD card like a Wyze or tp-link? Wyze cams are about $25 to $30 and can record to SD card 24/7 even if wifi goes down. Not sure about tp-link but I think some can record to SD card.

btw, if they are only targeting one camera, most likely they are using a deauther, not a wifi jammer. Wifi jammer will knock your entire wifi network out. A deauth attack will target individual devices.