WiFi issues

hello all,
So I just installed our Ring Doorbell Pro and have been experiencing the following issue. Contacted customer support and they had me do the same things I had already done so I am hoping someone here is able to help. I’ve “reconnected” the doorbell no less than 30 times now. Here is what’s happening.

I installed the doorbell properly. Scanned the QR code and set-up the app. I go through the set-up process on my phone selecting our 2.4 MgHz wifi and the doorbell says it is ready to use. It will take videos and work at first then it says that the doorbell is doing an internal update and it could take up to 15 minutes. During this time the doorbell chimes and says Welcome to Ring the world’s most advanced doorbell and it goes back to the white spinning circle. I have reset the router and the router is literally on the otherside of the wall less than two feet away. Any help or suggestions anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.