WiFi extender

I have a door bell cam and a spotlight camera. The doorbell connects to my WiFi range extender, the camera doesn’t see the network at all. Any suggestions?

Hey @Charliebard ! Is this a Chime Pro or different type of WiFi extender? What’s the distance between the extender and the Spotlight Cam?

Hi, it’s a tp-link ex 6110. I’ve tried it at various ranges, including side by side, and other devices showcase strong network signal at the camera location. I’m using a 2.4Ghz network, which I thought should work.

Hey @Charliebard. Are you able to reach out to the provider for your wifi extender to see if you need to open up any ports and protocols on the device to all the Camera to connect? It’s possible that there may be restrictions on the network that are not allowing the camera to connect to your wifi extender. In addition, is the Spotlight Camera able to connect to the home wifi network (not the extender)?

Hi. Thanks for the suggestions… I think I’ve figured it out. It looks as though the spotlight cam won’t recognise an SSID which is only 6 digits long. I’m not sure why, however when I increased the length of the SSID to 8 characters, it all started to work fine. Many thanks.

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