Wifi extender question

I didn’t know a Chime Pro from Ring is a wifi extender and have bought one that’s called TPLink Mesh Wifi Extender AC1750 Dual Band.
I have done as directed on brochure to connect but it does not say ‘connected’ on my wifi settings as it does on my normal wifi setting. I don’t know if I can have both showing connected though.
Can anyone please tell me if it’ll work or have I done my dollars.
And if it will work would really appreciate help with making it do that

Hi @user41308. Are you asking about your Chime Pro or your TPLink wifi extender not showing as connected? Are you trying to connect a Ring device directly to your wifi extender, or were you asking about your wifi extender showing as connected elsewhere? Feel free to share any screenshots that help clarify your question, that way we can provide a relevant answer.

Hi. Asking about TPLink. Don’t have Chime Pro.
Settings on cameras say weak wifi connection so purchased extender thinking it would help but no difference. Not sure if I have actually connected it correctly because wifi settings doesn’t say connected like main wifi does.
Tried to show pic of settings but don’t know how.
Would like to speak to someone from Ring in Australia instead of these texts

@user41308 Thanks for that clarification. Different wifi extenders may work differently, as some will have their own wifi network and password that you use to connect the device. You’re welcome to reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. Our English hours of operation are 7 AM to 7 PM GMT (Monday to Sunday).


hello 41308. I think you have done your dollars.

Wi-fi extenders are mostly junk. Read up on them a bit. They are helpful in some cases but mostly they just cause problems:

Wifi Extenders and the problems they cause.