WiFi Connection

I lose wifi connection often (as in OFF) and find it to be a real hastle to keep having to reconnecting my doorbell and flood light to the wifi. These products should be smart enough to retain my wifi settings the first time I set them up. Just frustrated! Not sure if I’ll be getting any more Ring products anytime soon. Any suggestions, yes my signal is strong enough and yes I have enough power.

Hey @LPGJoe, you could also try to reboot your router once your wifi has gone off! I had this issue a lot at an old home of mind and it happening on Ring devices and other devices connected to the wifi. Although, when I noticed them offline and not working cause they lost connection, I would reboot my router and they were back up within a few minutes. Let me know if this helps!

Hey Chelsea,

Thanks for the reply and suggestion! I have tried this and yes on occasion it does work but that only works if the signal is out for 1 to 2 minutes and if you catch it in time. Also, I have a Wi-Fi extender and if unplugged for over 4-5 minutes, I need to re-install my doorbell and camera.


@LPGJoe Ah, alright, that makes sense! I know every router and the connection it has to the devices can vary depending on what you got. Does your ISP have a mobile app that you can reboot your router from as well? I know that Cox Communications has a mobile app so that you can get a notification when your internet goes down, and an option to do a remote reboot of your router. I do this myself to be on top of when my internet is having issues when I am away, so maybe that might help as well! In general, I’ve passed on your feedback to the appropriate team though so we can work on improving things for our neighbors like yourself.