Wifi connection

Lately I started noticing my ring pro door bell keeps on disconnecting from my wifi connection. Whenever I try to reconnect it would not reconnect even though there is nothin wrong with my wifi connection or any issue with my router. No password change either. Only way I can connect is to do a hard reset and establish connection again. Called customer support yesterday and spent long hours trying to speak to second level tech support. I must say the customer service really sucks. Any solutions out there? Do not understand why ring do not reconnect automatically and why it always get stuck in this mode.

Hi @Khansan. This could be happening if you have a low RSSI. I would try to follow up with our support team on your open support ticket so they can try to resolve this for you. Some key points to look at will be the power the Ring Pro is getting and the strength of your RSSI. I hope this helps!