Wifi connection WPA/WPA2 (TKIP)

I have not been able to connect my new Ring Battery Doorbell plus to my wifi in set up using the Ring App.

Will Ring connect to Wifi connection WPA/WPA2 (TKIP)

Thank you

Hi @user48505. Ring devices are compatible with WPA and WPA2. What error message are you receiving in the Ring app when trying to complete the setup process? Are you seeing any specific light patterns on the Battery Doorbell Plus when it fails to connect? How far from the router is your Doorbell when you’re attempting to set it up?

Turn off " automatically connect to mobile data" in phone settings, apps, Ring.

I had the same problem, and even purchased a Wi-Fi expander and still couldn’t connect. The problem for me was that my phone was trying to alternate from wifi to mobile data. The moment I turned off Auto connection to mobile data for the Ring app- it worked great!

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Hi @user80709. Thank you for sharing this useful tip!