Wifi connection to two cameras

Can I use two different internet connections for two different outdoor cameras? One (close to router) is connected to home router, the other (much further away) I’d like to connect to Xfinity hotspot. Can I do this??

Hey @Tcarey. Does your hotspot have it’s own password and SSID for the camera to connect to, and is the hotspot always at home, or do you take it with you? If the hotspot is something always on and at home, and with it’s own SSID and password, you can for sure connect it to the other camera, while one camera is connected to your router. Hotspots are generally not reconnected as they may not always be on and functioning, but if this is not the case for you, then you can try to connect the camera to the hotspot, and if you see the camera stay online and function as normal, you’re all set! :slight_smile: