WiFi booster recommendation?

I bought a Ring 2 this week since Amazon Mexico was practically giving them away. It’s been a rocky start, and one of the issues I’m left with is that my 5GHz wifi network has connection speeds of 70Mbps at the front gate and the slower network I forgot I even had has speeds of less than 1Mpbs. I know the Ring 2 is an older device, but it never occurred to me that it might be so old as to not be able to connect to my faster network (or that the expectation is that everyone keeps their modem right by their doorbell!).

I have a large property, with the front gate where the doorbell is located being right at the street and then my house being set back. My modem is about 50 feet away from the front gate way at the back of my house in my home office. My house is concrete block construction, so WiFi outside of the office is poor. I have a TP-Link WiFi booster that gives me great 5Ghz coverage through the whole property but not of the slower network. By moving the TP-Link to the front porch, I have just enough signal strength on that slow signal for the Ring to work great when the wind is blowing right.

I’m trying to figure out my options, if any, for boosting that slower signal without spending a lot. I do have ethernet cables near the front door that power that Apple TV and cable box, so maybe there is a device that could tap into that connection?

I’m asking this question here because when I ask for folks who generally know about boosting WiFi, I keep getting suggestions for how to spend a lot of money upgrading my home WiFi overall when that’s not the problem. Surely someone else who has a Ring 2 has had a similar issue and found an inexpensive solution? :crossed_fingers:

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Why try to force the Ring doorbell, or any device, to use your 5 GHz network? Why not have the typical 2 & 5 GHz and let your device decide which it is able to grab onto with a better signal?
I’d suggest trying that before thinking about WiFi extenders, Mesh, etc.

I have 3 Ring and 3 non-Ring cameras with 5 of them connecting via 2 GHz and 1 connecting with 5 GHz and I’ve never had any issues with bandwidth.

I’m not convinced you actually read my post completely. I’m not trying to force the Ring to use the faster network because I understand it physically cannot. So I have to figure out a way to boost the much weaker network it will connect to.

Everything else I use (all Apple-approved products, so that’ll teach me to leave the Apple ecosystem) works great on my faster WiFi network. So I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to make the Ring work. If I’m going to do that, then I might as well just rip it out and replace it with an Apple-approved device.

I have an Ethernet cable (connected to my modem at the back of the house) less than 10 feet from where the Ring is installed. Surely, there must be a way to convert that Ethernet connection into fast and stable WiFi the Ring likes without spending a ton?

I ended up buying a TP-Link AC1200 mesh system after speaking with a friend. Great system, gives the promised coverage and creates WiFi at that Ethernet cable by my front door. I now have my full 100Mbps at the front gate door on BOTH networks, the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz. However, the Ring still constantly disconnects and whines about not having a good connection. So I’m done with this piece of junk. I obviously can’t return it at this point, but I’m sure I can find someone who has their modem right by the front door who will take it off my hands soon as I can get buy a better device.

That’s too bad you weren’t able to figure out what was interfering with your WiFi connection to your doorbell. My nearest WiFi access point for my doorbell is one floor down (basement) and about 30’ and I don’t have any issues with connections.
Maybe an electronic device creating interference or your outside walls.

Good luck!

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Hi @TravelingRae. I’m glad you got a wifi extender that’s working for your home setup. Regarding the Doorbell, did you do anything after setting up this TP-Link AC1200? Does this create a new wifi access point where your ethernet cable is by the door, or is it all on the same SSID and password? If you can create a unique wifi SSID and password for the wifi extender by the door, I’d recommend giving this a try and then running through a new setup in the Ring app to connect the Doorbell to this unique wifi network. This may help ensure a stable connection.