Wifi- and turning off recording and motion?

I recently got another ring Doorbell. its an older one. If I disable recording and motion does that still eat up my wifi? I want to use my extra as a back up battery. So when my main one goes dead in about a month , i can just re enable the recording and motion on my back up and clip it in the bracket on the door. any Idea about this. I think it nuts there is no power button on ring or a toggle to turn off the wifi.

Hi there, @ermac4482! Depending on your network, there may be options for this on the router settings side. As for the Ring app, there are certainly some features such as the motion and recording toggles you mentioned. While you can certainly schedule motion alerts, use modes, or simply toggle off the motion when desired, the Video Doorbell will remain connected to your network in case you need it. To answer your question about wifi, the bandwidth or wifi resources your Ring devices use will depend on usage of the devices, signal efficiency to the devices, and capabilities of your router. There is not a way to easily power down your devices with a button at this time. As long as it is powered and setup in the Ring app, it will attempt to function unless you manually disconnect it. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by Manually disconnect it? Also It will have recording and motions disabled . I am going to look at my router to see if it has an option to look at each device data use

Hi @ermac4482. If you have a router that enables you to select which devices are connected to the network, you can manually disable the Doorbells connection via your router management.