WiFi and Ring Pro Power Decreases

Since the day I bought my Ring pro, ( a year ago) the device kept facing voltage decreases, the audio quality was very poor and the results, disappointing.

I invested 240€ extras, in order to provide Ring Pro, the best power (voltage 16v/40VA) and Wi-Fi network environment.

The extra money was spent in order to avoid any technical issues from my side and in order to enhance the entire system (Voltage and Wi-Fi).

I sent a detailed report regarding the technical issue and my finding, about the WiFi and the power decreases, they didn’t respond.

I am wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue.

I have noticed that if I disconnect my ring pro from the WiFi network , the power voltage increases , once I connect it back to WiFi the voltage at my ring pro decreases again.

As a result, I am facing sound quality issues again.

Hi @dkotix! Wifi and power are not usually not related, and the resources should not conflict in most cases. Keep in mind, the nature of both these resources is to fluctuate, which is why our device health utilizes an acceptable and required range.

If your voltage remains above 3900 mV in your Ring app’s device health section, the power is just fine. If your RSSI is better than a -50, this means your wifi signal strength is adequate for intended operation. Check out our Community post about RSSI for more information on signal strength.

For audio concerns, please ensure your Doorbell Pro is connecting to the 2.4 Ghz rather than the 5 Ghz wifi channel frequency. Checking your mobile device for variables like bluetooth, VPN, or even 3rd party apps that might interfere with streaming/ audio, can help to improve connection quality. Feel free to let us know if the above recommendations helped! :slight_smile:

Hello Marley and thanks for your reply.

As you wrote Wifi and power are not usually not related. Actually in a 16v device which I provide 40va it must not be related at all, don’t you agree?

And this is my point, when I disconnect the Ring Pro from the wifi network the voltage increases …

Since i bought the device I located the issue and updated Ring’s support …

I ve tried to help and I provided several detailed reports, screenshots, videos etc which show that the Ring Pro is facing voltage issues in a cycle starting from 4020mv to 3900mv in about 4-5 days.

Once the RingPro voltage reached the 3900mv, the device was out of voltage. Then as you understand Ring’s internal wifi card was disconnected from the network.

  1. Then (internally) it started to increase the voltage until it reached the 4020mv,

  2. Then it connected back to wifi netwrok and started a new cycle.

After Ring’s several software updates i have noticed that the voltage cycle is smaller (about 24 to 48 hours) starting from 4020 and at about 3990, the device disconnects from the network again until it reaches the maximum lets say capacity 4020MV ( see attachments)

So, the device executes daily ( or 48 hours) a cycle, in order to keep voltage to acceptable for Ring levels… but during the disconnections i am or we are facing the following:

Regularly losing connection to my wifi network.


Actually the device is out of order.

And in the meantime the two way audio is unacceptable.

Regarding the Wi-Fi network

I invested 150€ and I bought an AC1200 router, in order to provide to the Ring Pro Wi-Fi network, the best environment for video and audio streaming.

Because I faced Wi-Fi signal strength issues, between my AC1200 router and my Ring Pro I invested an additional 120€ and bought a 2,4/5GHz Ubiquity access point.

In the meantime Ring send me a Chime Pro in order to replicate the wifi signal, so I removed the Ubiquity access point with the Chime Pro (isolate network).

As you understand there is no network or wifi issues.

Reagarding the Power (Voltage)

I made a research before I placed my order (12/2018) in order to meet Ring’s prerequisites & requirements:

Based on the following document by Ring’s web site:


At the section Resolving your Power Issue I have noticed Ring’s recommendation

*When purchasing a transformer, we recommend choosing one with at least 16volts AC and at least 30 volt-amps. (From Ring’s documentation)

and invested about 30€ and bought a transformer 16-18 volts AC , 40 volt-amps (VA)

Looking forward to your reply.