Wife’s iPhone won’t connect to pro

I just purchased the RVD pro, it’s installed and set up on my iPhone. I sent an invite to my wife as a user , she accepted invite, downloaded ring app and the ring WiFi network does not show up on her phone when prompted to do so during set up. We tried for over an hour last night and still nothing, what drives me nuts is it took me about 3 minutes to connect. Please help

Hi @TimMc! Once your Video Doorbell is setup in the RIng app successfully, it no longer requires a setup process to be completed. This is also true when adding Shared Users. With your Video Doorbell Pro setup and online in your Ring app, simply adding your Shared Users will be enough for them to access the shared device once they’ve signed in using the same email you sent the invitation to. Have them check their email and Ring app for any confirmation with the invite. Check out our help center article for more tips on adding Shared Users.

If your Video Doorbell is offline, please attempt a new setup in the owner Ring app and ensure to connect to your 2.4 Ghz wifi network. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: