Wi-fi settings

I’ve recently changed wi-fi settings due for a tablet that loosing connection continuosly.
Looking for troubleshooting on internet and the manufacturer fix this problem by changing wi-fi connection settings from WPA to WPA+WPA 2.
Now the tablet is connected but ring doorbell pro and the relative chime are both offline.
Anyone in here can help me.

Hey @Lucagraceffa. I recommend to reach out to your ISP to change from WPA to WPA 2 or a combination of them, as they may need to make these changes for you on your router. In addition, if they are changing your network around, please ensure that allports and protocols used by the Ring devices are still open, which your ISP can also take care of for you. Once the router is ready for the devices to connect, go into the Device Health for each device and select “Reconnect to wifi” which it will walk you through doing in the Ring app!

Setup asking to link to unknown net.

@rasul Are you referencing when you need to connect to the Ring AP during your setup process, or after this when you must select to a home wifi network?