Wi-Fi Range Extender & Stickup Cam

I just recently installed a wi-fi range extender in my home to help improve signal strength. I would like for one of my Stickup Cams to take advantage of the improved signal in that area. I’ve checked the RSSI indicator on the Stickup Cam before and after installation of the extender but no change. I think I need to “restart” the Stickup Cam. Can anyone confirm". How do I restart the Stickup Cam?

Hi @SteveMichael. Did you connect the Stickup Cam to the wifi extender? A lot of wifi extenders will have their own wifi network with a different network name than the one your router puts off, so you’ll want to make sure you connect your Stickup Cam to the new network name. You can find steps on how to do that in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:

You do need to connect the camera to the extender, as it is a separate wifi network (kind of) than the donor network. You can do that in the settings in the app. Or, you can do a hard reset of the camera by holding the orange setup button for 30 seconds. You will have to re-add this camera in the app, but it will give you the choice to connect to the extender as well as your original wifi.