Wi-fi is lost for ring alarm

  1. If wi-if or lan are lost then door sensor and pir can work ?
    2.Can I set up open and close ring alarm by keypad ? (Not use app on mobile)
    3.control system use electricity 220 v 50 h?

Hi @Zappp! Ring Alarm has a battery backup feature, and a cellular backup option when subscribed to our Protect Plus plan. Check out our help center article about these back up features for more details.

In regards to the Alarm Keypad, you will certainly be able to arm and disarm your Alarm system via the Keypad. The Alarm Keypad can also play chirp sounds for open alerts, and will sound a siren along with your Base Station during alarm events.

For details on power, visit the “tech specs” section of our Alarm web page. Each device in the Alarm kit will have technical specifications listed there. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: