Why would you put a 3K Soft white temperature in an outdoor flood light?

I have had this flood light sitting around for what is apparently too long, and just installed it today. I look outside now that it’s dark, and the light is a yellow light. I read the details, and it says its a 3k temperature light. Please explain to me, why you would put a SOFT WHITE color in an outdoor flood light?

I replaced a 1200 lumen flood light that was 5300K temp, with this 2000 lumen, 3k temp ring light, and the ring light is about 1/4 as bright. The ring FLOOD LIGHT does just a little more than a standard incandescent. My previous light made it visible to see for 100ft, and this barely does 30ft away. REALLY NOT HAPPY after installing this flood light pro. Why would you put in such a low temperature on this?