Why won't ring devices stay connected to live view?

I’m sorry but your product is a piece of crap. I have had multiple ring products for the past 3 years or so. Apparently you can’t watch the live view on a doorbell every 10 minutes it disconnects. So I just bought a security camera. Not a doorbell. And it still will not stay connected. I need to keep an eye on my father in his room cuz he just got back from the emergency room. What happens the first day I get it which was this morning the thing quits working in he falls. Are you kidding me? Your product is a piece of crap. I should not have to reconnect every 10 minutes to view a security live feed.! You people should be ashamed of yourself.

Hi @Gonzo3313. Apologies for any confusion here, but Live View will automatically time out after around 10 minutes. After that, you can activate a new Live View if needed. With a Ring Protect plan, your Ring Camera can also record motion detection. This might be an option to consider since you want to keep an eye on your father. You can receive a push notification when the camera detects motion, and the motion will be recorded to view after in the Event History tab.

This issue (No continues Live View) was a big disappointment to me after I installed the 2 x Ring Cameras at my house. Why can this not be provided by RING? Lack of space in the RING cloud? If that is the case, then I can store the videos on my computer instead. Which I believe is not possible at this stage? If RING does not plan to include continuous Live View in your system, then I must unfortunately change to another system and my investment in RING is lost money. From your reply, I think it is clear that continuous Live View is not in RING’s plans in any near future? So it is rather clear that I have to change to another security surveillance system.

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