Why wont my doorbell pick people walking up my steps but will pick up a dog across the street?

Have had our Doorbell 2 for almost a year with no issues until couple weeks ago and it stopped picking up people that are in close proximity to the camera. I have not changed any settings and it picks up cars driving by fine and people walking across the street like 60 plus feet away buf if someone walks on my porch and is 2 feet from the doorbell it does not pick it up. I added a wedge to angle it down and no change. Either all the “latest” software upgrades screwed it up or it is hardware failure of the doorbells sensor. Very frustrating in the days we are currently living in when this is very important to know if someone has been on your porch.

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Hey @Stan_412, could you try giving your Doorbell a reset to see if this improves the quality of the motion detection? For this, please press and hold the setup button for 30 seconds. After this time has passed, go into your Motion Settings for the device in the Ring app and reconfigure your settings via the Motion Wizard. Once these have been reset-up, please monitor your Doorbell’s activity from there and let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

I was on phone with RING support for about hour rebooted system, phone, app, made adjustments to zones just about everything but still will not pick up someone walking up steps to my house and standing on porch 3 feet from camera. It does pick up every walking by at bottom of steps though. Very frustrating

@Stan_412 Thank you so much for getting back to me with that screenshot! It seems we may actually need to adjust the angle in order to help out with this, as you have a not so typical walk up to your Doorbell. Depending on if you have a Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell 2, you will want to look into getting a Wedge Kit, which you can find here. This will help point the Doorbell more down so that it can pick up the view of the porch/steps more easily, as it is located towards the bottom of your Doorbell and can have some limitations with that view. I recommend buying it from us at Ring.com or Amazon.com, as we both offer 30 day money back returns if you find that it does not help you out!

I actually just added a wedge kit last week after issue started. I even added double wedge and no charge. After talking at length with tech support they felt the single wedge was sufficient due to angle. And again this was perfectly fine until couple week ago since I installed this last year