Why will a replacement stick up battery camera take 6 weeks to be shipped?

Brand new stick up battery camera (3rd gen)died within 30 days (on 12/31/2023). Sent broken one to Ring, was told replacement should ship within 5-7 days. Now told it won’t ship until mid-February at the earliest. What gives? I could have returned it through Amazon within a couple of days. How was I to know that the camera is on backorder through Ring, but in stock at Amazon? If only I hadn’t already sent the broken one to Ring, as I typically do with returns through Amazon.

Hi @user73522. I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had the best experience with our support team. It’s possible there are some delays in availability with the Stick Up Cam, which is why it will not ship until February. If you have any questions about your replacement, feel free to follow up with our support team, as we don’t have access to any account or shipping information here on the Community.