Why such poor video quality from Ring devices?

Why is it that Ring video is so subpar?
The recordings always start when the person is mid-frame. The video always starts out “jumpy” and the audio skips to match.
This happens no matter how the settings are setup.

A camera can be 10 ft from the area monitored, but the cameras make it look like it is 50-100 ft away and makes what is seem so small. Poor optics.

No zoom ability.
“Pinch to zoom” does noting make the video blurry. So you cannot actually zoom in on anything.

I have tested cameras from Xfinity home security and an Arlo cam. If only Ring could offer the clarity, optics, and zoom ability to match and exceed its competitors.

And when or if Ring ever catches up with advanced technology and offers better video recording … they should offer customers no cost replacement upgrades. Customers should not have to pay to upgrade what they have that doesn’t work as good as others already.

A couple of features of Arlo for example:
True 2k video resolution.
Video is closer to “naked eye” optics (something 10 ft away is closer to appearance of being 10 ft away than tiny and 50 ft away).
Auto zoom-in and tracking of target in video.
“Pinch to zoom” keeps video clear and doesn’t blur so you can actually zoom in on something or someone and capture a clear image.

Xfinity video cameras are close, but just under, the level of quality for Arlo. While they don’t offer zoom and tracking, they do adjust to capture the target.

If only Ring could make theirs as good.

I have not tried any others like Nest, Blink, or such. But I have not heard any complaints either.

Come on Ring. Step up your game and start advancing in the market. It’s time to be on the same level as your competitors or surpass them.

Ring video quality is just crappy in general.
I trashed at least one camera thinking it was a bad device and replaced it with a new one… it was not the camera. It was the service. I am out about $100 as a result. If only I would have know how poor it was.

It’s like ordering food at a restaurant… the food never looks as good as the picture in the menu. Ring is the same. I have never seen any video that looks anything near as clear and with the ability to zoom in with HD clarity, as is shown in the ads.

Hindsight is 20/20… I would have same my money and gave it to another competitor with better quality.


I have the same issue! I have 4 cameras 1 is hardwired, 3 on solar & all video quality is unacceptable! All are always powered fully.


Ditto, video is jumpy, freezes and perspective makes things happening across the street appear to be a block away!

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Clearly no one from ring support cares.


No cost replacement, another page out of the entitlement book. This isnt even feasible from a business standpoint if you want ring to develop better cameras they need funding, how are they going to pay for it if they are replacing every single ring device free of charge? Geez… some really want want want people in here. Dont like their product go buy arlo… thats the best way to motivate a company to be competitive.

On my ring cameras when the video was bad I didn’t have a good Wi-Fi connection to the camera so I added an extender and Wala. I have great connection now great video once I added the extensions to my ring cameras outdoor cameras on the spotlight work right now, but at first I didn’t have and I got the updates and I didn’t have a problem with getting free exchanges on my ring outdoor motion cameras I had one that wouldn’t update they sent me a brand new one free of charge.

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The reason why ring videos are always poor quality has little to do with wifi connections. In my case I have Comercial grade wifi access points all around my house. My ring devices register -22 rssi to -45 rssi. If you are unfamiliar with rssi strength, let me tell you that is about the best you will ever get.

The reason ring cameras have poor quality comes down to the fact that they are recoding with BITRATES that are 2-2.5 mbits per second. For security cameras in HD you need 5-6 mbits per second. Why does ring do this? To save on cloud storage. They would double their storage cost if they provided video that is usable.

I for one would pay more for the ability to record higher bit rates. But until ring changes the BITRATE higher I’ll pass as the video is not of a quality to identify a criminal during an incident.

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Video quality concerns can have various different causes, including wifi signal strength and network settings. If you’re experiencing issues with the video quality on your Ring Camera or Doorbell, please review the information below.

  • First, verify that your device has a strong connection to your wifi network. You can learn more here.
  • Check your wifi network speeds. As you add more wifi enabled devices, you may notice some performance issues if your network speeds are not sufficient to support all of the devices you have connected.
  • Review the troubleshooting tips and tricks for video quality concerns in this article from our Help Center.

If this concern persists after trying the above, I’d recommend following up with our support team for more advanced troubleshooting assistance. You can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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