Why such a difference between cameras?

Hello! Newbie here. I’ve invested into 5 cameras but have a few questions. Why can’t all cameras have snapshot capture. My cheap indoor cam and my spotlight cam do, my two expensive outdoor stick up cameras do not. My cheap indoor cam can run inverted video. My two expensive stick up cams cannot. None of this makes sense to me. Not only does this complicate setup, it makes me wonder if I made the right purchases.

Hi @turbobuick86! The Snapshot feature is newer feature for us here at Ring that we are looking to improve and make better for our neighbors whenever we can. Did you recently set up all these devices at the same time? This feature is currently available on new device setups and with a Ring Protect Plan. Access to this feature will be available for existing devices soon.

If you have any concerns with one device not behaving as another is, it may be best to reach out to our support team here. They can take a look at your specific devices on your account and offer any further explanations or pass on feedback as needed.

How new of customer do u have to be. I set mine up a month and half ago and still no snapshot on Stckup cam battery.

@dcfox1 Have you made sure to enable the Snapshot feature in your Ring app? You can learn more about enabling Snapshot in our Ring Help Center Article here, but if you are still not seeing it, please reach out to our support team here. They can take a look into your specific device to see why it may not be enabled/working.

I dont even have an option for snapshot. I went through the instructions to double check.

@dcfox1 Thank you for double checking your app to see if you have this, could you please reach out to our support team here for further clarification on your concern? It’s best to have someone take a look at your account in order to see why this is not present.