Why now Ring protect

After two years of Ring Doorbell it no longer records unless we pay a price?

Why would you expect to have recordings saved to a server, which costs money, to be free?

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Because they had it for me for the last two + years . I don’t believe I was notified of any change so I was curious if others had similar experiences


Hi @Jnjhogie. Depending on where you purchased your doorbell, it may have come with (X) year(s) free of the Ring Protect Plan. For instance, Costco is known to offer 1 Year + of Ring Protect Plan with participating devices during select promotional periods. It sounds like this may be the case if you have not paid for a subscription, but were receiving Ring Protect Plan benefits. If you would like to learn how to subscribe, you can visit this link here.

We just installed ours and were disappointed to learn that in order to use beyond the very basic functionality a paid subscription is required.

This warning was not on the packaging and was not notified during purchase. Less than ethical.

Ring was supposed to return our calls to discuss but has chosen not to.

Not impressed.

Not impressed with your spamming either.

The warning is not on the packaging as we just bought one and were disappointed in this hidden fee.

Legitimate complaints about hidden fees is just that…legitimate.

Hi @user8398. A Ring Protect Plan subscription is not required to use any Ring Device. However, the Ring Protect Plan does offer great benefits for a improved experience. To learn more about the Ring Protect Plans, you can visit this Help Center article here. If you haven’t heard back from the support agent, I suggest reaching back out to our support team to speak with a supervisor.