Why no ding dong

One of the weaknesses in the product is when it goes into sleep / dead mode / offline mode then the door bell alert does not work . It is a high tech product but I would argue that at its most basic level it should ALWAYS function as a door bell. My system went dead for 24 hrs no notification ( I checked the status and it was online - not) we thus missed 3 people coming to the door. Needs a workaround.

Hi @Volvo850. There can be a few reasons why your Doorbell would go offline. It’s either going offline do to a poor wifi signal (RSSI) or because of power related issues. To improve your RSSI, we have a Chime Pro that acts as a wifi extender as well as a chime for your Doorbell. If power is the issue, try our Plug-In Adapter to provide a constant trickle charge to your Doorbell. I hope this information helps.

I hear you.
What you describe is a problem with any of the ‘older’ model ring doorbell devices (excepting pro and elite).
My work around is a 6" copper bell aside my ring doorbell. It never fails !
I thought maybe I would try 14 minute snapshots to awaken my device periodically - but that doesn’t work either.
By design the doorbell goes into a coma-like state to save battery. I appreciate that.
To be honest - I am coming to the conclusion that wifi and security do not work well together.

Edit : Then again - where I live you can’t even depend on the power company.