Why no customizable motion zones on Spotlight Battery Camera?

Why am I not able to create customizable motion zones on my Ring Spotlight Battery Camera? The three preset motion zones does not work for me because I need the motion to work in all those three preset zones. I need to have a customizable motion zone for a small part of my camera where the road is, because every time a car drives by it trigger the motion sensor and this drains my battery quickly. It is triggered 15-20 times per hour. A wired camera is not an option for me since there is no power outlet nearby. Will customizable motion zones be available with a future update?

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Good question @Aleks90! There are some noticeable differences between certain powered Cameras and battery powered Cameras. The adjustable motion zones will allow your to alter range or sensitivity, but are not drawn in like the customizable zones on a powered device. Check out our Camera Comparison Guide to see the differences between all of our Camera models.

The motion zones for the battery camera was changed. We use to be able to set our own zones. I would never have bought these cameras last year, April 2019 if I knew this feature would have been changed. This altered feature is ridiculous and does not provide the security that it originally did. This “update” fails.

Hi there, neighbors! We are happy to provide an update to this thread, with our most recent addition to motion settings for battery devices. The Customizable Motion Zones are now available for your battery powered devices. Please note, this feature is currently slow rolling out, we appreciate your patience while we work to get it to all of our neighbors.

To learn more about Customizable Motion Zones, check out this Community Article by Riley. :slight_smile: