Why No Alerts in Away Mode

I don’t understand why I cannot turn on motion alerts in Away Mode. When customizing the Away Mode I enable both options but when I access the doorbell cam motion alerts are disabled. I click to enable them and it defaults back to disabled. Well, that’s pretty stupid. What good does motion detection and recording do when you are away if you can’t get an alert that it happened? Without that option Modes are pretty useless. Is there a work around for this that will enable alerts in Away.

Hey @lapriester. The motion alerts should operate independently of what Mode you have set. Have you tried enabling the motion alerts first, and then swapping it to the Away Mode? Can you share a screen recording of what happens on your end when you attempt to enable the motion alerts?

When attaching this screen recording video, you will need to compress the MP4 file into a ZIP file, as ZIP files can be attached to your reply and not MP4s. In addition, you can upload this video elsewhere, such as Youtube, and then share the link to the video in your reply. This will give me a better idea of the behavior you’re seeing from the Ring App so I can offer some suggestions! :slight_smile:

I agree partially. When changing modes, there should be the additional option of activating or disabling alerts per camera. If I’m home and I want interior recorded but not alerted in one mode, but then in another I want to record and send alerts. That should be an option without having to do so many steps