Why motion sensors cannot be disabled and only activated during an Alarm?

All alarm company motion sensors seem to work the same, an led eluminates when a motion is detected at all times. The problem I have is the Ring Motion detector has a very bright led that gives off a strobe effect. Walk around in a dark room and it’s like a flash going off. It also fills up the log that a motion was detected. There might be times or reasons to detect motion while you are home but if I’m home I do not need to have my motions logged and the annoying flash.

I ordered an extra motion detector, before installing the system, to install in my bedroom because the window design makes it difficult to install a contact sensor. Now I cannot use it. You can deactivate alerts, why not motion detects that causes the flash.

Can tape be placed over the Led?

Tape is what most people use. There are several threads on this.

I’m hoping the new Modes feature actually turns off these motion detectors when alarm is disarmed. Having them detecting while at home makes no sense, is somewhat a privacy issue and generates a massive amount of noise in the alarm event history.