Why more than 1 step to view my door?

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I hope everyone in the Ring Community and your families are well and safe!

I purchased my ring doorbell several years ago and probably have one of the original ones that were sold.

It’s a hard-wired one and just basically replaced my regular doorbell and when I first downloaded the app that went along with it, I thought it was great because when the doorbell rang, all I had to do was tap the ring app on my phone and I IMMEDIATELY saw who was at the door and I tapped the mike and spoke. Unfortunately, since many updates to the app have followed, I find that now after tapping the app, I then have to tap “View Live” and then have to tap the mike and by the time I now have to add an extra move to get me to see who’s at my door, the person begins to walk away. So why did the updates change this and make it a 2-step process before I can see who’s there? Is this because I have an older model or do all of them work this way?

Obviously, you can see I’m not as happy with this doorbell as I used to be so if there is a work-around this that I don’t know about, please let me know.

Thanks, in advance, for your help and I look forward to a reply.

Kind Regards,
Brooklyn Babe

Hi @BrooklynBabe. There are a few different ways to access the Live View. When someone rings your Doorbell, you should receive a notification to your phone that you can tap on to pull up the Live View. You will still have to tap on the microphone icon in order to speak to whoever is at your door. If you open the Ring app, you can either tap on the Live View button from your device’s profile page, or tap on the camera preview from the dashboard if you have the “Tap Camera Preview for Live View” setting enabled. This setting is located under Device Settings > Video Settings. I hope this information helps. :slight_smile:

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