Why is there still no extension for the Ring Door View Cam

A lot of European doors (especially outside doors) are more than 65+mm thick. But the Ring Door View Cam fits for doors with a max. of 55mm thickness. Unfortunately mine was too thick too and I had to send the camera back. Still not sure about keeping the intercom.

There are already multiple threads about this problem.


I can’t see the problem with offering an optional extension kit with a longer flat cable (changing that seems quite easy and an extension for the peephole part.
I would really appreciate a solution.

Hi @marketingguy. An extension is something that would benefit many users. I will be sure to share this feedback with my team. In the meantime, it looks like the thread you shared has some great DIY solutions.

There is only a DIY solution for the “funnel”/pipe running through the door. But as most european outer doors are >7cm thick, the cable also needs an extension.
I have not yet seen a DIY solution, which should be rudimentarily reliable and feasible with reasonable effort.
@Tom_Ring or have i missed something?

Hi @marketingguy. If the cable does not reach through your door, the Peephole Cam will not work for you. There is no cable extender for this camera. If the DIY solutions I shared will not work for you, I would suggest a different device.

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