Why is there not a POE Ring camera?

I built a security camera system using POE with the Ring StickUp Elite cameras (2nd generation). If one of those breaks, Ring no longer makes a POE camera.

  1. Why does Ring not make a POE product?
  2. Can I replace with a different vendor product and still have the videos go to my RING recording system?

Note: POE - Power Over Ethernet (so I only had to have an ethernet cable to the camera to power it and have the camera connected to my network).

As mentioned they do make POE versions of the stick up cam. Think Amazon had them in stock when I looked the other day, at least in the UK. They do cost a lot more.

On the topic of POE wish ring would get a new POE doorbell sorted out, the current Doorbell Elite lacks the features of the Pro 2 and is very hard to install on brick. Surface mount POE doorbell similar to the Pro 2 would be ideal.

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