Why is the Video Pro 2 worse than the Video 4 at ringing our house doorbell?

We had a video 4, but it didn’t fit very well on the narrow strip next to our door and we needed more vertical length to our feed. I didn’t anticipate that we’d be trading this for an unbearable chime, though - the Video 4 detected and played our digital house bell exactly one time, perfectly. The Pro 2, instead, will play the doorbell for a set duration - either 1 second (cuts the chime off half a second short) or 2 seconds (starts to play the chime a second time and then cuts it off).

Why does the Pro 2 have different and worse doorbell functionality? Or is there some way to fix this thing?

Hi @Jorycle. What is the make and model of the chime kit in your home, and is it a digital or mechanical chime? Some Ring Doorbells are compatible with certain chime kits, while others may not be, which could be why you’re having this concern. It also depends on if the chime is mechanical or digital. You can find the Chime Kit Compatibility lists for our Doorbells in our Help Center here.