Why is the point of customizing the area when you have a motion zone set?

What is the point of the setting where you set a range for Min - Max for the motion zone? I created a motion zone, that’s the area. Why is there another, different setting to st some kind of Min - Max range? Makes absolutely no sense. Or at least, it’s not explained properly.

The setting here:

Device Settings > Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights

What is the circle with the range setting? My custom zone is not a circle. Totally baffling.

Image attached. Thanks for specific help.

Good question. Depending on where the camera is installed this can be a useful option. For example, you may want motion recording to start when a car pulls up in front of your house. Or when the sidewalk has traffic during the day. At night, you may not want the lights to trigger until movement is detected in a critical area, such as your property. It gives the user some degree of customization. We should all be conscientious on what the camera records and what or who we blast with a light. For battery cameras this can also help with energy conservation.

Hope that helps.

Hi Neighbors. Our cameras that have lights attached have 2 Motion Zones. One is for the Camera, the other is for the Lights. They both utilize different type of Motion Detection to give you the best experience for both day and night time recordings. The image that you attached is for adjusting the sensitivity for the lights and determining how big/small, or how close/far, an object will need to be to set off your lights. I hope this helps!