Why is my Ring Wired Floodlight flickering?

Our 2 year old ring floodlight started flickering the other day. Our neighbors texted and said it looked like a strobe light party in our driveway. Obviously I did all of the resets and checked the wiring and everything is fine. When I talked to customer service I asked if I was crap out of luck and they said yes and offered me 35% to buy a new one. Its a $200 light that lasts less than 2 years. Reading these forums It sounds like its pretty common for these lights to fail then all ring does is offer you a discount to buy another one. Its pretty clear there is a manufacturing issue with this product and they wont stand by it. On top of that there is a $100 a year plan you need to renew annually. Do yourself a favor and save your money and go with a different product.

Hello. My floodlight cam is doing exactly that - flickering. I turned the light off and it will still pick up movement even at night. However, I get the sense it is not fixable from this forum as you describe. Do you have a recommendation for another product? Nest? Simplisafe? Thank you.