Why is my Peephole Camera staying black and white?

Im so confused. It was color for the first hour or so and now no matter the time of day it stays black and white mostly. I have no outer door and my apartment has lighted hallways so night vision shouldn’t even really kick in. Can someone help?

Hey @JUSTBENWILD. Could you show us a video example of this? Seeing the environment that it is in can help with this! You can also shine a flash light into the lens to see if this helps correct the concern, but it may return if there is not enough light for the device when within the outdoor door.

I installed it yesterday and it did captured couple of motion video and it stopped and any motion or live video is black ! It will recognize motion and take video but taking black video same with Live !

Sad truth is just installed yesterday and ran into issue in few hours. Technical support is joke !

Hi there, @sp333. As you mentioned live view worked initially, then stopped, please check the ribbon cable that connects the outdoor and indoor assembly of the Peephole Camera. Ensure it is securely connection and clear of debris. Next, remove the battery and reinsert to perform a power cycle. Test video to see if motion or live view events are connecting/ recording. Removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device is always a great step, as is ensuring there is not a vpn enabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: