Why doesn't Ring provide a service for smoke detection

This might have been discussed before, but I don’t seem to find a good answer to why Ring isn’t providing smoke detection as a part of their services.

It seems that another brand “first” offers smoke detection that works with Ring, but they’re not available in Norway where I live. I tried to buy a fibaro z wave smoke detector, but it just shows up with temperatures (of course only in Fahrenheit) without even being alerted when the alarm goes off.

Can someone (Scandinavian?) guide me in the right direction? Fire protection is one of the main reasons for me to have a home security system, so it’s sad that Ring haven’t fixed a better solution. I know that there is a listener device, but as I’ve done some research, it seems that Norwegian detectors don’t have the right beep sound for it to work… It’s not a decent solution anyway.

They do in the states but haven’t in other parts of the world.
You might check to see if someone has already suggested it as a feature here ( Latest Products/Feature Request Board topics - Ring Community) and vote on it.

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