Why does the Windows Ring app only show the live view for 40 seconds?

It used to be that when I opened Live view in the Windows 10 Ring app, the live view would be shown for as long as I kept the window open.

Now the live view shows for 40 seconds then stops and returns to the Device screen in the app.

I’ve very frustrating. Is there a parameter somewhere to fix this?

BTW, the Android and iOS app seems to allow you to play the live video for as long as you want. I’m not sure why the Windows version is behaving this way.

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Hi my Windows 10 does exactly the same, noticed this very recently, there appears to be no settings anywhere to change this behaviour.

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Hi neighbors! If possible, can you please restart your computer to see if that makes a difference in how the Live View is performing? I would also recommend making sure your computer’s OS is fully updated as well.

I am seeing the exact same on all of my cameras since a few days ago (my doorbell is fine). The mobile app lasts 10 minutes as always but the Windows 10 app is exactly 40 seconds before cutting off each time.

I’ve been told that this is something to do with our cameras migrating to use new media streaming servers. It seems whatever has changed isn’t working well with the windows app.

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When using the Windows PC Ring App, Live View only last 40 seconds, but when using the Android phone app the Live View lasts the full 10 minutes as it is suppose to. The stranger thing is that this 40-second limit only occurs on all of 4 my “Indoor” Ring cameras while using the Windows PC Ring App. When I use Live View with my 5 “Stick Up Plug In” cameras or with my Ring Video Doorbell 2 camera, the Windows PC App displays Live View for the normal full 10 minutes also.

So in my case, this 40-second limit Live View is only occurring with the combination of a Ring Indoor cam with the Windows PC App.

Seems like @hubadub1234 is also having the same issue with the Windows PC Ring App with only his Ring Indoor cameras too.

@Kminor , @Dudders2020 , and @sjonez , is this occurring on Ring Indoor Cams? Or is this occurring on other models of Ring cameras for you?

Yes, I have got exactly the same situation. My S20, Galaxy tablet and Lenovo tablet all timeout after around 10 minutes but all my Windows devices - Intel NUC Desktop, Surface Tablet and Dell Desktop timeout after 40 or so seconds.

This is quite annoying and needs to be fixed. Not sure if it is a MSFT issue or a Ring issue.

And BTW the Ring recommendation (reboot or update and reboot) - earlier in the post is not applicable as all my Window’s devices other than the Dell Desktop are running 20H2.

Hello @Caitlyn_Ring ,

I tried “Restart” on my Windows 10 computer. No change. Issues remains.

Then I tried a full “Shutdown” of the computer. After, the computer fully was off, then turned it back ON. Again, No change.

Computer OS and Windows 10 is fully updated.

When I use the Windows PC App, and select “Live-View” on my cameras:

  • Ring Video Doorbell 2: Normal 10-minute “Live-View”.

  • On all 5 of my Stick Up Plug-in Cams: Normal 10-minute “Live-View”.

  • On all 4 Ring Indoor Cams: Only 40-seconds of “Live-View”.

Using Ring App on Android or iOs smartphones: All cameras & doorbell “Live-View” for the normal 10-minute duration.

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Hello @Caitlyn_Ring , @Kminor , @Dudders2020 , @sjonez , @BGL ,


I completely Uninstalled the Ring App for Windows PC.
Then re-installed the Windows PC app.

Now all Ring cameras and Doorbell are displaying the full normal 10-minute duration in “Live-View.”

I don’t know what caused the issue, or if the Uninstall and Reinstall procedure will solve the shortened Live-view issue on your Windows PC app, but it seems to have fixed it on mine. :smile:

***** Update edit (3/29/2021): Another update:

I had completely Uninstalled the Ring App for WIndows PC and then re-installed it (as stated above). And it solved the short “Live-view” issue for 6 days, BUT now the issue returned and it’s affecting other cameras too. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I guess I’ll try repeating the “Un” and “Re” install procedure again, to see if it stay correct (with the full 10-mintue Live-View).

I see the same issue on all my Doorbell Pro and wired floodlights.

Resetting or unintalling/reinstalling the app restores the 10-minute Live view, but this doesn’t persist. A few hours later I’m back to maximum 38-40 second live views.

Ring - this is a bug.

Has Uninstall/Reinstall worked for anyone for longer than the reported best case of a few days?

As I wrote above, I tried Uninstalling and then Re-Installing the Windows Ring App, which worked for me for only 6 days. Then the 40-second timeout issue returned. In another posted thread, I tried the “reset” suggestion of @dvd67 (the link below), and although it was a short-lived fix for him, it appears it worked for me! My Windows Ring App has been displaying the normal 10-minute Live-View for the last 14 days, and I hope it continues. :crossed_fingers:

After completing the reset, you’ll have to go through your settings again to put it back the way you had it before (notifications, alert sounds, etc.)

Hopefully the reset procedure might also help you. It’s probably worth a try at least :wink:

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I just spoke with Ring support and they are aware of the issue and said they have no plans to fix it. They also said they are no longer supporting the Windows Desktop App. I will be calling Amazon to return all my Ring products.

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