Why does stick up cam require battery if plugged in?

Just had a chat with Ring support and learned that even if I buy a power adapter for my Ring cam, it still requires the battery be installed. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Can someone shed some light on why a device that’s plugged into the wall also requires a battery.

I wanted to repurpose the battery from the indoor cam as a floating spare to use on my exterior cams when their batteries ran low to minimize down time, but apparently, that’s asking too much. Looks like I’ll have to buy another battery and a power adapter if I want to do this.

Not very happy about this. It seems like an intentionally engineered limitation. I can’t think of any other electronic devices that require a battery when plugged into a wall outlet.

Hi @Inkswamp. I notice you mention repurposing the battery from the Indoor Cam, so are you asking if a battery is required for the Stick Up Cam or the Indoor Cam specifically? You can check which model it is on the Device Health page in the Ring App just to confirm as well.

It’s a Stick-Up Cam being used indoors. The support person told me that a battery is required in the cam even if it’s plugged in with a power adapter.

@Inkswamp Thanks for the clarification. The Stick Up Cam Plug-In doesn’t require a battery be installed in order for it to work. It is powered by the Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter that is included, and a battery can be added for back-up power in the case of the power outlet having a temporary outage or if it comes unplugged. I apologize for any confusion previously, the support agent may have thought you were referencing a different device.