Why does only one battery show in device health both are fully charged and the camera has been reset

Inserted two fully charged batteries into security camera, both worked fine to begin with now only one battery shows in device health check, both are fully charged camera has been reset but still only one battery shows, the camera is two months old

Hi @Markb1972. Can you please confirm which model of Ring Camera you have? You can find the model name on the Device Health page. Additionally, have you checked the battery compartment to ensure there is no dirt or debris obstructing the batteries inside the compartment?

Its a spotlight cam battery, I need to be assured that both batteries are functioning due to an ongoing police incident, sometimes both batteries show but then one disappears. The cam was only bought in September so is it a cam fault or an app fault, when battery compartment is open both batteries show red light but device health shows one with add battery for second