Why does my ring camera record all motion?

I bought a ring stick up camera few weeks ago as protection for my sister as she has just split up with an abusive husband. As expected, he came over this evening and kicked off. He was in front of our house for approx 15 mins, in full view of the camera. However, the ring camera has only recorded 3x 20 second clips of the incident, and most of the incident has not been picked up at all. I am very disappointed in this. Does it only record snippets of footage?? I have looked at my settings and the motion sensitivity settings is at its most sensitive so I am confused. Do I have access to all footage through “ring protect”? Please help.

I am experiencing the same issue of continued activity yet the camera is not recording all of it.

I called support and this is the answer:

By default for items that are battery operated (even with solar power), if I don’t answer the motion notification by default to save battery life it will only record 20-30 seconds. If I answer the notification, then it will record the whole duration of the motion until I close it. I even clairfied by asking that if there is motion in my driveway at 2 in the morning and I don’t answer the notification because I am sleeping, I will only see 20-30 seconds and the answer was yes. She said the engineers are working on it, but that is the way it was designed to save battery life. Hope this helps.

Hey neighbors! @cparman Thank you for sharing your experience with support and passing on this information in this thread.

In addition to this, I recommend ensuring that in the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Device in question > Motion Settings that you focus on the Motion Frequency and the Motion Zones here. Motion Zones are great as you will want to ensure all zones are on, and for the most motion detection, have the Min-Max slider on the second page all the way to Max. This will ensure all motion that it can pick up in the range is picked up. Please note that on Max and depending on placement, the camera should be able to capture motion about 30 feet out.

For Motion Frequency, you will want this on Frequent, as on Frequent, the camera will start a new event on your event history and start recording again if the motion is still on going and detectable on the camera. If you have it at Standard, you may notice some gaps in between on going motion events. You can learn more about this in our Help Center Article here. Hope this helps for both of you neighbors in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I found this out on another thread. I cant take the risk with an individual not attacking our house in the middle of the night so I have asked Ring for a refund. Pretty disappointed to be honest.