Why does Home Mode with alarm require sensors active?

I’m trying to make sense of the alarm system and the cameras working together in the Modes.

In Home mode I would like to have the cameras monitoring, but I do not want any sensors active because when home, you’re still around and you may open a window, open a door, etc.

Except, the alarm system requires at least one sensor to be active in Home mode. WHY? So I put one back door sensor on. In the morning I come downstairs and of course open that door and the whole alarm siren explodes. What is the point of this? Why do I have to have any sensors active in Home mode? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

So that reduces my options to Disarmed, and Away. Home is useless.

What are some ways other users set this up to make sense?

Hey there again, @Solaris!

The reason for needing a sensor to be monitored in the Home mode to be able to go into it is because it’s still a monitored mode. Disabling all sensors for Home mode would be the same as being in the Disarmed mode, as Disarmed mode means no sensors are being monitored.

By default, we have the contact sensors monitored in Home mode and Motion Detectors are disabled. I recommend this setting and using Home mode when you are sleeping, as nobody should leaving the house, but people may be moving around. I recommend keeping yourself in Disarm home when out and about, moving in and out. In summary, Home is great for when nobody should be coming in and out or leaving, and you want to make sure of that, like at night time for example when everyone’s sleeping! :slight_smile:

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